Boek met CD “Open Window”  (Parathiro Anichto) is uit

The songwriter, musician and performer Makis Seviloglou with his musicians George Tzoukas-piano, Dimitris Lappas-guitars, Thanos Giannopoulos-acoustic guitar and vocals, Dimitris Kitsios-double base, will host a number of concerts under his Holland Tour from 2013. He will perform songs from his previous albums, as well as some, traditional Greek songs, of his upcoming album, titled “Open Window”,

Follow the musical journey. Makis Seviloglou and his band will lead you between smooth immersive ballads, through deeply sad songs, to perky melodies and full of memories traditional music…


I was a boy, seven years old, maybe eight, when my father took me to a monastery near my village, the magnificent Zavorda. Outside it, on the patio of the Agios Minas chapel, the sole monk, Father Giannoulis, aged 92, was leisurely lying. His beard was long, gold-white and his voice sounded like creaking. He called us near him, just a break in solitude, to which he had been accustomed. Among others the old man narrated, I remember this:

"I widowed at my 40s, father of two children; as I did not want to remarry, I told myself I would wear a clerical robe, so I came to the monastery. Many years had gone by when one night they broke the news to me from the neighbouring village, Torniki, that in so’s house there would be musicians and they’d throw a feast. I needed it from the bottom of my heart, so I set off on foot and in two hours or so I was there. I went inside, was warmly welcomed, took off my robe and hang it on the nail stuck onto the door. I junketed, I danced with my heart and in the morning I went back to the monastery. A few days had gone by when the bishop came with his retinue, he greeted me and as we sat down he turned and said .... Father Giannoulis, some came and told me you were in the nearby village one day and danced in so’s house ............ and the old man said ....... they broke the news to you my Lord, but didn’t they tell you that during that night ‘twas Giannoulis who was dancing, Father Giannoulis was hung on the NAIL?".... I was greatly impressed, what kind of music was it that had you walking in the wilderness for two hours just to listen to it? After many years, a verse by Kostas Varnalis came to confirm it:

Come, with zurna* gypsy
With daire**
Lead a tune original and scarce;
made my fez*** warped
How much love I have inside my heart
for a Tsamiko**** dance

 *zurna is a multinational outdoor wind instrument, **daire is a percussion instrument which resembles a tambourine, ***fez is a kind of hat, ****Tsamiko is a traditional Greek dance

This album was a vow to myself, an "OPEN WINDOW" to all those who have been feasting with me and standing by me for years now, transmitting to me love and respect  for my homeland, its songs and its beautiful, pure people.

Because beautiful places are made by beautiful people.
Great memories and that corner inside me, full of music, that I wanted to share, the way I conceived it. Because I know that in this rumble we’re all living, the status of globalization, particularity is the best weapon and the root that feeds the tree to grow healthy.

I owe great thanks to all the clans of musicians, the Chalkias, Kapsalis, Chaligiannis and the less known of my specific homeland, Grevena, Gioulekas, Tsiotikas, Kassiaras and Fasoulas families, who for years now have been preserving this heritage over feasts, when taste is truly being measured.

I’d like to thank Caspar Falke from the bottom of my heart for the interest he showed in this production and its sound recording; my musician friends, who with joy and love helped make this idea come true; Vangelis Kalaras and John Tavoularis from studio +1 for their sound recording in the additional tracks.
I also owe great gratitude to my good friend Argyris Pafilis for his information and poetic comments on the songs and for his valuable assistance before and during the creation of the CD. ... 

The following musicians are playing in alphabetical order in “open window”.

Apostolis Vangelakis, clarinet and flutes
Zissis Kassiaras, violin
Dimitris Lappas, guitars
Dimitris Kitsios, double bass
Vangelis Kontopoulos double bass in tracks 1 and 4
Costas Meretakis, Epirotic tambourine
Aurel Qirjo, violin in tracks 2 and 12 and backvocals
Nick Sidirokastritis.
Drums in 1
Thanos Stavridis, Davul in 04